Fantastic Gamification World Congress 2015

I have arrived back from a fantastic week in Barcelona attending the Gamification World Congress 2015. I was really pleased to see such an active and energetic bunch of speakers and attendees, gamification people rock!

2015growthtreeThe size of the community is growing rapidly (as evidenced in the community tree picture on the right) and there were a wide range of practitioners, customers, academics and fans attending.

This 4 day event was packed full of workshops and talks from the best talent in the gamification world. As well as lots of superbly illustrated examples of gamification in use, I enjoyed hearing discussions and opinions on the state of the gamification industry, the evolving definitions of gamification and the many different frameworks and approaches being used to make sure projects really work.

I was going to highlight my favourite talks but there were so many that I’d just end up reprinting the conference agenda here in full! If I had to pick one talk that added a new dimension to my gamification thinking it would be Michael Wu’s advanced workshop on Behaviour Analytics at the end of the first day. Michael managed to squeeze a 4 hour lesson on data science and gamification into less than 3 hours and by the end of it I felt I’d leveled up to being a ‘Trainee Data Scientist’.

We’re hoping to have some opinion pieces and other blogs about the conference on here soon, but in the meantime the first blog I’ve seen about it is from Andrzej Marczewski (who ran the first workshop of the conference) and you should take a look at it here:

Definitely see you there next year.

Pete Jenkins
Chair – GamFed

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