GamFed Annual Report 2015

Chair’s note

The third year of GamFed has seen some interesting changes in the industry and a more focussed approach to what we want to achieve through GamFed.

A Google search on the word ‘gamification’ now returns about 6,340,000 results and Google Scholar shows an additional 9,000 academic references and papers since the start of 2014.

Gartner has recently downgraded Gamification in their Hype Cycle from a major “game changer” theme of its own to being a component of “digital marketing” (itself a major “game changer” theme). On the other hand research into over 200 gamification case studies by Marigo Raftopoulos of Strategic Innovation Lab in Australia has shown that the word Gamification is, in the eyes of corporates worldwide, expanding from meaning just gamification to being seen as a catch all word that also encompasses Serious Games, Games in Learning and Playful Experiences.

At GamFed we have focussed in on how we can further best practices within the Gamification industry. Indeed during the year we have partnered with Gamification World Meetups to rebrand existing GamFed events as Gamification World Meetup events. We have also endorsed great events such as the upcoming Gamification World Congress and the 2nd Annual Gamification in HR Summit which took place in Vienna in May. Indeed, we also sent out CPD badges (using to attendees of that event.

On our website we added sections for listing best practice resources such as showcasing Case Studies, pointing to endorsed training courses, linking to white papers and webinars. Also, we added a section to highlight upcoming gamification events, anything that fosters knowledge sharing and networking within gamification should encourage best practices too.

We did, however, notice that our one page website, though pretty, was not being found easily online so in September we rebuilt the site (using WordPress) and relaunched it to the search engines. Though it has only been a few weeks our visitor stats are now visibly improving.

The new website also gives us the potential for some great new benefits for our members as it has been set up using a membership plugin. Depending on what our membership want first we could bring you some of the following in the next year:

  • a membership directory – with links to our own businesses
  • a jobs board
  • a projects board
  • exclusive access to resources, such as a membership forum & peer reviewed case studies

During the year I have been disappointed that our GamFed CPD programme has barely been used and I hope that we can find a way to revitalise this during the next year. We should use it to differentiate our members as active and engaged gamifiers, which should be good for business.

I want to thank all the members of the Steering Committee for their help throughout the year, Toby Beresford, Wanda Meloni, Benedikt Morschheuser and especially our Joint Secretary Nicolas Babin for continuing to contribute greatly despite having a bad accident at the end of last year.

I wish the next Committee all the best in steering GamFed in 2016 and look forward to continuing to be an active participant in GamFed myself.

Pete Jenkins

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