Interview with Team Think Codex

Think Codex is an award-winning leader in Learning Gamification solutions based in Malaysia, with R&D partners in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, & Australia.

In a recent interview with Andrew Lau, Founder and CEO of Think Codex, and his team, they opened up about their journey, their philosophy, and what they are looking forward to in 2019.

Team Think Codex after winning the Gold for Best Team Building Training Provider and Silver – Best Executive Coaching Provider at the HR Vendors Of The Year 2018 Awards.

GamFed: What would you say is unique about Think Codex?

Think Codex: We are a gamification organisation that develops simulations focused on behaviour change, which leads to actual business results. We embed world class content and habit building models into a safe and engaging environment. This allows learners to test out their ideas and receive instant feedback.

GamFed: As gamification consultants who both design and deliver Learning Gamification Solutions, can you briefly describe Think Codex’s process to design, deliver and measure the impact of its gamification solutions?

Think Codex: Firstly, we identify and set learning objectives as a solid foundation for our simulations. Next, we research to find the most suitable world-class theories & best practices to achieve the learning objectives. We then commence the design process of the simulation using various gamification frameworks, such as Yu-Kai Chou’s Octalysis (to identify motivational drivers), and Andrzej Marczewski’s Player Types (to identify the participants involved). After continuous rapid prototyping and external testing sessions, the final simulation is then ready to be rolled out to clients and partners alike.

We deliver our gamified learning solutions using the drip-feed method where participants first learn the theories in bite-sized chunks, followed by applying them in a simulated environment after which they receive instant feedback from the facilitators and their peers. This is repeated via an iterative process so that the participants are given the chance to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment.

To measure the impact of our simulations, we work closely with clients to measure the business results before and after the simulation is conducted. This will show us whether the learning objectives and desired business outcomes were achieved as a result of the simulation executed.

GamFed: What were the top projects and learning for Think Codex in the last 12 months?

Think Codex: We developed two team-building simulations: Industry, and Wheel & Deal. Both of these simulations are designed to accommodate groups of up to 400 participants while reducing dependency on high manpower. This was achieved through the design of automated game mechanics. Participants were assigned specific roles where they proactively manage their own teams and the simulation as a whole. In addition, the simulation is designed to accommodate a CSR component where the participants created their own production lines to produce care packs, which were then donated to children who are less fortunate. These simulations allowed us to win the HR Vendors of The Year 2018 award for the Best Team Building Training Provider in Malaysia.

We were engaged as a gamification consultant by a local conglomerate in the property industry to innovate property design and purchasing for millennial buyers. The design-to-own platform aims to crowd source design ideas from millennials for property projects by incorporating gamification elements. This in turn increases the engagement levels throughout the purchasing process and ultimately increases the overall purchase rate from these millennials. This design-to-own platform is the first of its kind in Malaysia for the property industry.

Team Think Codex after winning the Outstanding Gamification Project In Learning Award at Gamification Europe 2018

GamFed: What are the focus areas for Think Codex in the next 12 months?

Think Codex: For 2019, we are focusing on overseas expansion through clients and partners. We are also continuing our mission to develop world-class simulations using unique design methods that change behaviour and drives business results.

GamFed: How might a forum like GamFed contribute to the growth of Think Codex?

Think Codex: GamFed can contribute to the growth of Think Codex in many ways. Firstly, GamFed can assist us in establishing international standards as a guide to design world-class gamified learning solutions for our partners and clients. Secondly, GamFed can grant us access to a global community for us to contribute and exchange ideas related to gamification and learning. GamFed also provides us with an avenue to engage with Subject Matter Experts while working on specific projects.

You may contact Think Codex here.

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