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Written by Vasilis Gkogkidis

Hello there gamifiers! I want to give you a quick list of gamification events that are going to happen in 2018 around the world and maybe you would like to be part of!



One conference that has been mentioned quite a lot lately is GamiFIN in Finland.  As their website says “GamiFIN is a meeting place where researchers, industry and experts present results from their latest work regarding gamification, technology, media and digital culture for the future society.” So anyone interested in gamification and lives around the area should probably attend.


Date: 21-23 May

Place: Pori, Finland




Another conference that looks interesting is EDUCON2018 and their special session Gamilearn18 and as the name suggest the main subject is games in education. Their website states the following about this session “This Special Session (Gamilearn’18) aims to cover all aspects of gamification including user studies, design frameworks, techniques and strategies, methodologies, tools and applications, ecosystems, analysis and assessment, personalization approaches, systems integrations, data management, architectures, innovations to market, as well as any work in progress. Our main goal is to bring together stakeholders for exchanging ideas and experiences and encouraging networking between academia and industry.”


Date: 17-20 April

Place: Canary Islands, Spain



Remix Play Summit 2

One of our good friends Sylvester Arnab that teaches at the University of Coventry organizes this Remix Play Summit 2 that will again talk about games in education but with the specific subject of co-creativity. Some text from the website “With the theme of co-creativity in education, a range of speakers and practical sessions are available to attend. The summit will bring together academics, students, games industry professionals and gameful/playful pedagogies experts and practitioners to discuss the impact of co-creativity in higher education.”


Date: 13th of February

Place: Coventry, UK



ChangSchoolTalks 2018: Serious Games

Presented by The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University, ChangSchoolTalks is an annual professional development and networking event that connects participants with leading experts in technology-enhanced learning and training.

ChangSchoolTalks 2018 will bring together international experts, academics, corporate and healthcare professionals, game developers, and government and industry leaders to learn about effective learner and employee engagement strategies through serious games.

Date: 3rd of May

Place: Toronto, Canada



Gamification Conference for Learning and Development

This is a gamification conference organised by the famous Monica Cornetti. Monica is a very well known gamification professional that has loads of experience in the learning field.

This is the Gamification Event of 2018 for business leaders, training directors, instructional designers, trainers, facilitators, project managers, and adult educators looking to learn more about effective gamification project delivery.


Date: 6-8 October

Place: Chicago, USA




12th European Conference on Games Based Learning

The European Conference on Games Based Learning was established 12 years ago. It has been held in Austria, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece and Norway to mention only some of the countries who have hosted it. ECGBL is generally attended by participants from more than 40 countries and attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, practitioners, game designers and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of games-based learning and serious games.

Date: 4-5 October

Place: Sophia Antipolis, France




A conference that you don’t want to attend is this one: https://waset.org/conference/2018/05/london/ICGGBL/home

After a bit of research we discovered that it’s a scam. You can have a look at the details in these links:





There is also some interesting Gamification training offered by Gamification Academy in Amsterdam.

The purpose of the Gamification Academy is: “To provide gamification methods & tools that transform organizational challenges into change..” This is why we organize this event.

Date: 21st of March

Place: Amsterdam




There is a Slack hour that is going to happen in a few hours and every GamFed member is invited! We will talk about the lessons we have learned from our projects!


Now a number of things that we know are coming but we don’t know the details yet are:

  1. Gamification Europe Masterclass: myself and Pete Jenkins, after organising Gamification Europe in Brighton UK, we are putting together a few days of masterclasses on gamification and learning from games. We hope to have a draft outline of this event live very soon. We know it’s going to be in London and we know it’s going to happen during the second half of June. Keep an eye on this by following @Gamification_EU
  2. Gamification Europe 2018: we have already started organising Gamification Europe 2018 and we will have some news about it pretty soon I think. The only thing we know right now is that we want to do it in Amsterdam probably around November again. Keep an eye on this by following @Gamification_EU
  3. GamFed Turkey Conference: our Turkish ambassador Altug Yilmaz is organising an event start of June that will be again free for attendees and will have all sorts of interesting sessions. Keep an eye on it through Altug’s Twitter @ercanaltug 


That’s all for now, I hope to see you in on of these events!

Vasilis Gkogkidis

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