Workplace Gamification Knowledge Session in Mumbai, India, by Jaxton Cheah and Ambikesh Prasad

My mother always said, “beware of strangers.” Last Tuesday, in an unfamiliar city, I disregarded that advice in spectacular fashion clicking selfies with strangers I had just met, all for some points, a badge, and a position on the leader-board. A hurried trip to Mumbai, a fantastic workshop by Jaxton and Ambikesh, and a conversation about gamification in India over a cup of tea – good way to spend a Tuesday evening, wouldn’t you say?

All the players introduced to gamification by Jaxton Cheah and Ambikesh Prasad 

Jaxton and Ambikesh have spent the last week talking about gamification. Following a gruelling schedule first in Delhi and then in Mumbai, they have conducted workshops, lead meetups, and introduced a diverse audience to the potential of gamification. I joined them on Tuesday evening at 91, Springboard, a beautiful co-working space in Mumbai, for their session on Workplace Gamification.

Jaxton kicking the session off

Entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, hr professionals, and l & d professionals attended the event. Most of us not only did not know each other but were also new to gamification. So Jaxton kicked the session off in the best way possible – by encouraging us to play a treasure hunt styled game. Designed by his partner in crime, Ambikesh Prasad using Gametize, we hunted clues and answered questions, getting to know the place, getting to know each other, and getting a taste of gamification.

Ambikesh addressing audience queries

Following this energetic beginning we settled down as Jaxton and Ambikesh took us through the applications of gamification, technologies available to fast track its implementation, and shared a few case studies from their vast experience in the field. We all left the venue a little older (it was a 2 and a half hour session, though we didn’t realise it at the time), a little guiltier (they passed a bowl with 108 chocolates and we all sneaked in more than one, so see you in a few years Diabetes), and a little wiser, with a lot to reflect upon in gamification.

Conversations and a selfie over tea

Jaxton Cheah is a gamification designer, Game Think Coach, and GamFed Membership Secretary. Ambikesh Prasad is a Game Thinking and Gamification coach & practitioner and GameFed Member.

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