The first gamification workshop in the Middle East – Edraak Regional Conference

Written by, Ehab Abu Dayeh – Amman,Jordan

Since 2010, there has been a proliferation of conversations around “Gamification”, the new buzzword in the realm of learning. Gamification has been utilized by many start-ups and companies to increase their employees’ productivity and/or increase sales by enhancing user interaction. However, there are very few entities in the Arab region that are familiar with gamification and its added-value to the different areas of our lives!

The GamFed Middle East ambassadors, Ehab Abu Dayeh (Jordan) and Ahmed Hossam (Egypt), met in Amman-Jordan to conduct the first regional Arabic ‪Gamification workshop ‪at the Edraak Regional Conference* aiming at promoting awareness around gamification in the MENA region.

A couple of days prior to the workshop, participants were very curious about “gamification” and have invested some time googling the term. All attendees showed up with a united curiosity to answer one question: What is Gamification?

The workshop was kicked off on Monday with a full house. Participants randomly divided themselves into teams of 9 people each and assigned a funny team-name. The participants were very eager to know more about gamification and how they can utilize it in their fields. We started the workshop with the question: Who is Excited? The 100 participants raised their hands.

Ahmad and I believe that the best way to learn anything is to learn by doing. Thus, we incorporated several hands-on activities during the workshop. One of the activities asked the participants to conduct a survey about selected topics, meanwhile we introduced to the activity some game elements so that the participants can experience how we transformed a boring activity into a fun and an enjoyable one.

We also worked with the story cubes, which were so much fun! Each participant was an inspiration to other team members and they can’t wait to where this story will take them next. The teams were very creative which showed in the stories they created from the story cubes.

The hours went by very quickly and the workshop was extremely successful. The participants expressed how useful and enjoyable the workshop was which was apparent in their activeness and engagement.  Many participants asked for a second workshop on Gamification.

It was an informative and super interactive workshop. Participants mostly admired the transition between Ahmad and I; and it definitely was a pleasure to work with him. We both look forward to hosting bigger Gamification workshops and events in the MENA region.

(Edraak, is the first not-for-profit Arabic online education platform,


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