Gamification Case Study: Gamified IoT, La Roche-Posay, UV Patch💙

Guest blog by Ceylan Parlakay

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the exciting Digital Transformation in the health and cosmetics industry is just a revolution. With the Internet of Things, traditional health services evolved into a new digital service model based on mobile health applications, real-time patient data and internet-enabled remote monitoring systems, while cosmetics company L’Oréal first launched La Roche-Posay the world’s first wearable UV measuring tape developed by UV Patch, a result of decisive work on the subject of sun damage, is another first. While this special product, which sheds light on the new generation cosmetics world, ı was shared last year on the blog, the band came out on the field this summer and finally got the chance to experience it closely. If you are wondering how the band is active, sharing the UV measurement, what features are included in your custom mobile application, let’s go into gamified details together!

We love the sun. We are aware of how fortunate we are actually climatically when there are plenty of sunny memories, beaches, and beaches left over from our summer holidays, even in the warm September day, when we can not accept that the summer season is over yet. But at the same time, are we aware that we are so unlucky? We are unlucky, because nowadays skin cancer rates are steadily reaching the highest levels. That’s exactly what the L’Oréal Technology Development Center, with its 20,000 people in 23 different countries with Ipsos, is reporting that 8 out of 10 people who have spent time in the sun have not taken the appropriate precautions. L’Oréal is a heart-shaped sensor that can actively measure the skin that is fully UV-irradiated with the UV Patch product under the La Roche-Posay brand, cementing its investment in innovation with innovative products also added to its product range by under-roof brands. The UV Patch, has effectively proven how cutting edge science and technology have the potential to change consumers’ behaviour towards sun exposure, and to contribute to our long-term commitment to fight skin cancer. This intelligent and aesthetically pleasing band of thin, flexible and light blue glued easily to the body is used through the “My UV Patch” mobile application, which you can easily download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

The 💙heart-shaped band, consisting of 16 shades that change color according to the wearing of the sun, has a very flexible structure. UV Patch, a light-sensitive, water-resistant sticker that can stay on the skin for about 3 days and does not interfere with deep breathing, is an extremely useful technology that helps you better protect yourself from harmful rays and help you tan more safely in the sun by detecting your sunshine. You can also easily apply sunscreen on the band.

This amusing experience with the avatar of the lead-in application, thanks to the 👾 “Playback” edit, takes the user to a very pleasant sunbathing journey with tutorial reminders. This journey I can summarize in 4 steps is started by: 1) downloading the application and creating a profile for yourself. 2) In addition to basic information such as age, sex, etc., when you create a profile, you will select your skin color and skin type in order to get your specific gamified recommendations in the most effective way and then the skin reporter who will give you these recommendations comes to avatar selection that can interact with in an augmented reality experience. The application offers two options in avatar selection. Helios or Helia. Amazing Helia was my choice.

3) In order for Helia to inform me according to the level of regular sunbathing and to share sunbathing tips, I scraped it into the heart-shaped area of ​​the application, thanks to the camera of my UV Patch mobile phone, 4) As soon as the screening process is complete, Helia, who has been recognized by the increased reality on the screen, has begun to give me advice by dancing on one and the other.

Helia, as a fun element of gamification of My UV Patch mobile application reminded me by “instant messages” she sent me on the phone, while I chose to sunbathe for minutes without moving in this funny journey that lasted for 3 days with hourly reminders. While I was reminded by instant messages that I had to scan my UV Patch for a certain period of time, when I returned it with occasional delay, with all patience, Helia shared my possible risk situation and encouraged me to sunbathe me with a suggestion of going to the shade. The more times ı scan my patch, the more Helia detects my risky behaviour. Also it forces me to answer a quiz about my suncare behaviour with different kinds of badges.

As you know how UV Patch works, the light-sensitive dyes in the tape change color slowly when exposed to UV rays. This color change is applied to your UV Patch, it is automatically measured, and the amount of custom UV in seconds is calculated and shared with the user. The gamified application is accompanied by sunbathing tips that will encourage the sun to stay safer, taking into account your skin tone. Other features of the practice include adding the nearest pharmacy, offering advice on sun protection, and suggesting skin-friendly products.

If you are a serious “Sun” enthusiast like me, you should definitely try the mobile application 📲My UV Patch which is used with this very smart and aesthetic band. To get UV Patvch right now, just click here to fill out the request form. If you want to get more details about your shared use, you can also watch the video. Stay with your sunshine, take your UV Patch with you! 🌞💙🙋🏻

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