Online Gamification Course in Arabic by Edraak

This blog post is written by, Ehab Abu Dayeh our Jordan Ambassador from Amman,Jordan

If you ever visit an Arab country and ask around what Gamification means, the most you’d get are really confused faces. If you’re lucky, maybe the response will be “playing games?”

Gamification is unknown to most in the region. This should change, and we’re hoping to make that change. ( is the largest Arabic MOOC platform in the region. There, we’ll be hosting a gamification course this August, and, to our delight, this course is a unique addition in my ways: it is one of the first Arabic courses on gamification, one of the few comprehensive ones in the region, online and set to be held at a large scale.

Thousands from across the MENA region have already signed up for the course. Ehab Abu Dayeh, who has been making his way in gamification since 2015, will be taking learners through everything they need to know to get started in gamification.

This is a great step forward for gamification in the Arab World. It should definitely spark interest in the field and we’re looking forward to reporting our results once the course ends!

Course trailer:

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